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25 September 2020

Breeze de Mar is a brand created in 2017. We are making real estate investments and projects all over the world.

Our successful history has started 60 years ago, and we have already accomplished more than 20 successful projects.


In the present, we have:

– 2 active projects : Kumburgaz, and Kartepe;

– 3 projects for sale : Kumburgaz, Kartepe, and Reit im Winkl;

– 3 projects currently being developed : Reit im Winkl, Orlando, and Las Vegas!


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  • You will have access very soon to a new mobile application made by Breeze de Mar especially for you! In BreezeAPP , you will have direct access to all the information about our real estate projects and our main brands, BreezeCARE and BreezeAWAY, with only one click!


  • A new way to spend Breezecoin in real life is official! You can check more details about buying or leasing Mercedes cars by clicking here .


  • We would like to show you the construction of our projects from Kumburgaz (Istanbul) and Kartepe (Kocaeli), located in Turkey, and give you a glimpse of the fantastic activities you can enjoy in Reit im Winkl, Germany!


Breeze de Mar Kumburgaz 

Located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Kumburgaz is located on the European side of Istanbul and on the shore of the Marmara Sea. Since it is far from the crowded and noisy environment of the city, this residential complex will allow you to have a holiday-like life period with your dear ones.

If you would like to experience a life of luxury and comfort and be surrounded by astonishing nature that guarantees your pleasant time during all seasons, Kumburgaz might be the best option that will satisfy all your needs. In your free time, you can always choose to admire all the magnificent beauties, historical monuments, palaces, museums, parks, and gardens that Istanbul has to show.

You will be able to start living in this residential complex starting with the spring of 2021, as the construction is almost ready !

Would you like to live in Kumburgaz? If the answer is ”Yes!”, We are inviting you to take a peek at the current stage of our project:

Breeze de Mar Kartepe

Being located in one of the most beautiful parts of Turkey, Kartepe from Kocaeli is continuously impressing many travelers with its astonishing nature and the multitude of activities you can enjoy during all weather types. This way, either you would like to go camping, ride horses, paraglide, or simply relax in a spa, this might be the perfect option for you!

More than that its prime season has already started , as this resort is well-known as an incredible place for winter sport such as skiing or snowboarding! And if you are still not sure if you would like to purchase your own timeshare in Kartepe, we have a bonus for you: The whole area of ​​Kocaeli is located very close to Istanbul, so you can take mini-trips at all times during your vacation!

Did we intrigue you? If the answer is ”Yes!”, We are inviting you to take a peek at the current stage of our project from Kartepe:

Breeze de Mar Reit im Winkl

Known as ”the pearl of Upper Bavaria”, Reit im Winkl offers an inspiring landscape and crystal-clear air at all times. Our timeshare will give you the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends by skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, and swimming in all the lakes around it. You can even relax in the sauna and spa area, it is all up to your wishes!


We are not planning to stop here!

Our following projects will be taking place in:


For more information about all our projects, follow us on Twitter , Facebook , Telegram , Linkedin , andInstagram!

Global News:

Inspired by Homish, we would like to present a couple of interior design trends for this year, so you can choose the one it suits your house and upgrade its style:

  • The design and product manager for Clive Christian Furniture, Oliver Deadman has stated: ”The role of the home has evolved and adapted drastically – not only do we live in our homes, but we now also work, exercise, and even holiday in them”. For this reason, people feel the need to have a multifunctional home with multiple purposes and allow them to spend their lives within 4 walls.

  • Eilyn Jimenez, the founder and creative director of Sire Design in Miami, has officially said that ”Previously, people would work occasionally from the kitchen counter or a nook in other rooms, but now they are looking to have a dedicated space for a fully functioning home office”. In this context, more and more homes include a room specifically used as a calming office space, as people feel the need to make a change that involves a bigger focus on a relaxing ambiance and mood.

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