25 September 2020



BreezeAWAY is a travel agency that you can use to get inspired for the holidays to come and make all the hotel reservations you need.


On one side, the year 2020 has come with challenges for all people because of the coronavirus pandemic. On the other side, since the vaccines are starting to be distributed worldwide, we have started to develop the BreezeAWAY brand with even more passion and excitement than before! We know that everybody is craving to take a vacation and for this reason, we are gladly announcing that you will be able to use Breezecoin for all your well-needed hotel reservations very soon!


  • When you will be entering the platform, you will be able to search hotels by different criteria. Either you want to filter them by country, city, region, coordinates, pricing, popular destinations, security, or rating, you will have all these options because we want you to have an easier process of choosing your hotel.


  • You will also have the possibility to make a hotel reservation based on its location from the city center, the activities you can enjoy nearby, the type of resort, its bed types, amenities, and availability.


  • We are happy to announce to you that the BreezeAWAY website is almost ready for you to use! Currently, we would like you to take a peek at version 0.7 *:



This is a standard search engine made for traveling purposes; Here, you will be able to search for a certain destination or hotel to book, between two set dates.

Also, if you would like to go on a holiday, but you need inspiration when it comes to the place itself, you will want to have certain features, such as ”Most popular hotel destinations” or ”Top visited places”. We will be gladly offering you these options to choose from or just gain inspiration for the future:



You will be able to surf through different options, according to your needs. Either you would rather sort them according to price, novelty or just alphabetically, you will have all the necessary tools. Of course, you will also have the option to filter by score, ratings or categories:


All pictures chosen on the platform will be according to reality; This way, you will truly understand if the location or hotel you are viewing is meeting your expectations. If you choose to click on “Details”, you will have access to all information about your choice: from Description, Itinerary, to Frequently asked questions and Reviews:


* We are currently trying to improve this template, for your commodity and pleasure.



Don`t forget:

  • Besides Fiat money, you will be able to pay for all BreezeAWAY services with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether!
  • If you will pay for your BreezeAWAY services with Breezecoin , you will benefit from advantageous prices!


Stay tuned for more information!

Global News:

  • According to a ranking of Lonely Planet in 2010, Thessaloniki is the world’s fifth-best party town worldwide, being comparable with Dubai and Montreal. More than that, the center of Thessaloniki is considered to be the most popular destination for street photography in Greece. Only in 2018, the sleepovers of foreign tourists were approximately 3.000.000.

  • Paris is an obvious choice if you would like to take a trip to France. The icon of both Paris and France is the Eiffel Tower, which is the most-visited paid monument in the whole world. The largest and most renowned museums are the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, and Centre Georges Pompidou. More than that, Disneyland Paris is the most popular theme park in Europe which looks attractive for both children and adults who still have the soul of a child.

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